The problem of melting popsicles and ice creams has been around for a longtime. Dirty shirts, pants, gadgets and car keys cannot even sum up a part of the problem. We decided to do something about it.


The problem of dripping is now solved by using a popsicle holder which will not help prevent the dripping by catching all the drips stopping it from getting sticky hands and stained clothes but also is edible and adds on to the treat of the ice candy making it an on the go treat which is clean.

About Us

Started with a group of seven students along with a mentor. We came together to start, then just an idea, which seemed small but had a large effect. We as kids between 13 and 17 knew what we loved most; popsicles. After extensive research and a lot of testing, we realised that there is one problem; the continuous drip drop of our popsicles while eating especially whenon the go. We came up with an edible, on the go popsicle holder that not only serves the purpose as a holder but also serves as a tasty treat! Now with Pop&Lick we can all enjoy guilty pleasures mess free!

Our Flavours

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